Allegiance the musical - Still A Chance Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
Allegiance The Musical - Still A Chance Lyrics

"Still A Chance" is a song from the musical Allegiance performed by Lea Salonga (Kei) and Company. Music & Lyrics by Jay Kuo.

A chance for forgiveness
After all these years gone by
I'd made a wish that we might have
A chance to say goodbye
A chance to be open
For your heart once more to sing
I also missed you terribly
Wishing more than anything
That we could just undo it all
Change our ending in advance

There's still a chance
For hope to soar again
Still a chance
Make one more wish and then
There's a chance for it to catch the wind
And dance
But we cannot know how they ever go
The wishes heaven grants

If I could say to you
Not a chance, but two
Life may still give you a second chance

Company and Kei:
Still a chance
Still a chance

Company, Kei, and Sammy:
To learn from what has passed

Still a chance
To find our way at last

Still a chance for love to hold you fast
From darkness into dawn


Kei and Sammy:
Our hope is never gone

Full Company:
Hold your head up high

[Thanks to Meghan for lyrics]

Allegiance the musical Still A Chance Lyrics

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Still A Chance lyrics Allegiance musical