Allegiance the musical - Stronger Than Before Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
Allegiance The Musical - Stronger Than Before Lyrics

Stop and think a moment
You have to stay and rest
There's a child who needs you now
You have to do what's best

You don't understand us
Or what they put us through
This is no concern of yours
I'll do what I must do

Years inside here taught me
The world wont set things right
It's up to us to save ourselves
I'm ready for the fight

I am stronger than before
Braver than before
This courage I've discovered
I've never needed more

I've learned to move a mountain
In the middle of a war
There is no returning
I'm stronger than before

You won't do this alone now
I know where I belong
You've always stood for what was right
While I stood for what's wrong

When I stepped into this prison
Who knew what lay ahead
I thought I faced the enemy
But I fell in love instead

I made Sam a promise
That I'd look out for you
So I will help get Frankie out
It's what I have to do

I am stronger than before
Braver than before
I swear I'll stand beside you
To even out the score

I don't know how to thank you

No thanks are needed Kei
I do what I have to

I guess we're both that way

After all that's happened here we cannot pretend
That we are bound together
We will see this to the end
To the end

We are stronger
Stronger than before

Whatever this may cost me
Doesn't matter any more

We are women who move mountains

In the middle of a war
We are stronger than before

And I will face, what lies in store

Within this place, we have come

Stronger than before

[Thanks to Emily Parker for lyrics]

Allegiance the musical Stronger Than Before Lyrics

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