Allegiance the musical - Resist (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
Allegiance The Musical - Resist (Reprise) Lyrics

"Resist (Reprise)" is a song from the musical Allegiance performed by Lea Salonga (Kei) and Company. Music & Lyrics by Jay Kuo.

What am I supposed to do,
Pick up the pieces without you
The world is upside down
And they have come and torn my heart away
I'm done with standing by,
Now it's time to do or die
I will fly

Any news?
They're still in the stockade. But their trial's in a couple of weeks.
We've got to help them now

They've taken our men, so to see them again,
We must tell the world their story
We'll write letters to newspapers across the whole country
People need to know they're not traitors
How'll we get them past the sensors?
I'll think of something

The time left is short, so they need our support
Together we'll make a stand
So here is the plan, smuggle out what we can, or go out in a blaze of glory
Does anyone have any friends who can help?
We can bribe a guard or two
We will not relent, till the word is sent, this is what we must do

Resist, let's face the fire
Resist, we're climbing higher
(Resist, resist, resist, resist)
(Gaman, gaman, gaman, gaman)
(Gaman, gaman, gaman, gaman)

Allegiance the musical Resist Reprise Lyrics

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