Nice Thought Lyrics

Broadway production 2016
American Psycho the Musical - Nice Thought Lyrics

(Music and Lyrics by Duncan Sheik)

Mrs Bateman:
He was a beautiful child
He made me laugh, he made me smile.
The golden path was paved
Still, he was so well behaved.
It’s a funny thing,
He loved to dance, he loved to sing.
Such beautiful blonde curls,
I knew one day he’d rule the world.

It’s a nice thought,
Patrick as a little child.
Playing at the seaside,
His spirit free, his laughter wild
It’s a nice thought, to think that underneath
He’s baring his sweet soul, not his perfect teeth.

Mrs Bateman:
I shouldn’t say it aloud, (Patrick)
Don’t you know he makes his mother proud. (Bateman)
I hope he’ll settle down, (Patrick)
He’s so great with kids now. (Bateman)
You seem sweet, not like the other girls I meet. (Patrick)
You two would look so nice together, (Bateman)
If you wore a dress and your shoes were better. (Patrick)

It’s a nice thought,
But it’s just a daydream
Getting to know him is harder than it may seem.
It’s a nice thought
But I’m just a secretary
And all of this romance seems a little scary.

Patrick: Afterward, I try to remember something, anything, from my childhood.
And all I come up with is a picture from my mother’s bedside table. My father.
He’s wearing a six-button, double-breasted sportscoat from Brooks Brothers.
He’s looking right into the camera. There’s something wrong with his eyes.

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Nice Thought lyrics American Psycho musical lyrics