Killing Spree Lyrics

Broadway production 2016
American Psycho the Musical - Killing Spree Lyrics

(Music and Lyrics by Duncan Sheik)

December slides into January, which mutates into February, which creeps towards March.
There is a theory that obliterating Paul might have... satisfied something.
But no, no. I've continued to have intense dreams about vivisection.
My nightly blood-lust continues to overflow.

Hey pretty girl,
Do you wanna dance?
Do you wanna get lucky?
Well this is your chance.
The drinks are on me.
Can I be frank?
I'm doing quite well at my investment bank.
What do you do, what do you do for a living?
No, don't answer that. I don't care, I'm just kidding.
You can ignore my friends at the bar,
They're trying to score,
But they never get far.

Patrick, I thought we were supposed to be having dinner tonight?
I thought we had reservations at Raw.Space?

Sorry Evelyn, I had to rent some videotapes- I mean,
I had to RETURN some videotapes- I mean,
I had to kill this fag and his fag dog on 67th Street.

Oh Mr Bateman! Have I ever told you, I just ADORE your sense of humour!

That was some girl, I forget her name,
She thinks we're in love,
Does she think I'm insane?
She's not important,
Just kind of annoying.
That's a fine chardonnay you're not enjoying.
Oh never mind, let's quit this dive,
My white M3 is parked outside.
I'll call my dealer,
His product is clean,
Fuck! I don't wanna drive,
Let's get a limousine!

LUIS CARRUTHERS (on phone): Hey you, it's me--

PATRICK BATEMAN (impersonating answerphone):
BEEP! You have reached Patrick Bateman's number.
He is unable to come to the phone right now.
So.. please leave a message... after the tone.

LUIS CARRUTHERS: Oh Patrick! You don't think I'd recognise your real voice?

PATRICK BATEMAN: Leave me the fuck alone Luis, or I will decapitate you.

I hear the words you're saying, but you need to hear my words. I love you--

Oh this is rich,
I shouldn't say,
But this guy at work is totally gay.
And that's all cool-
To each his own,
But some guy's ass is not what I bone.
I'm bored, let's roll,
Let's go back to my place,
Have an after party, I can eat your face.
Don't be nervous, invite your friends.
The night is young... but it all depends...

[Thanks to Pat Bateman for lyrics]

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Killing Spree Lyrics from American Psycho musical