Amelie - Blue Arrow Suite Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - Blue Arrow Suite Lyrics

"Blue Arrow Suite" is a song from Amelie performed by Phillipa Soo (Amelie).

5pm monmarte carousel
Bring five francs
5pm monmarte carousel
Bring five francs

Here on a hill
There sits a great cathedral
Where I've left a trail
That only goes so far
Here i can keep hime moving forward
And keep things as they where
Halfway to love
And just close enough
To Sacre-Coeur

I know my heart
Is speaking with a murmur
Making the sound that only I can hear

All I can manage is whisper
Of this heartbeat trapped inside
Here in this place
Grant me the grace
To be amplified

Wait! Stay there! Stay put!

I could stay right here
And let it all go wrong
Just stand right here
I mean what the hell have i been doing all along
Maybe I can try and stay
Just stand right here

Here he comes!
Screw that!
Run away!

[Thanks to Erin DeGraw for lyrics]

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Blue Arrow Suite lyrics from AMELIE musical