Amelie - Sister's Pickle Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - Sister's Pickle Lyrics

"Sister's Pickle" is a song from Amelie performed by Phillipa Soo (Amelie).

I could stay right here
And give back the boy his book
But if I stay right here
He'll think that I'm a nun
And I am not a nun
He'll think that I am chaste
And I am not that chaste

Or I could run away
Leave his book on the shelf with the lube and the lingerie
At least it's over
Whatever this is, and I
Really think I should wait
Though it's hard to articulate why

Or I
Could stay right here
I could shake this habit off
Just stay right here and say, "Hello"
And say my name
Say, "Here's your book"
And, "What a place"
And, "Hey let's keep in touch"
But then I've said too much

It's hard to go unseen
At least in this instance with so little distance between
Me and the boy and his book and the shop and the– Wow
I take a step to get out but my feet forget how

Now it's me
Just me against the door
It isn't what I want
Although I think I want some more

But right now
Now I need to go
I'm not finished with the boy– I mean the book
So I will hold him– hold it 'til tomorrow

[Thanks to Popopo for corrections]

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Sister's Pickle lyrics from Amelie the musical