Amelie - When The Booth Goes Bright Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - When The Booth Goes Bright Lyrics

"When The Booth Goes Bright" is a song from Amelie performed by Adam Chanler-Berat (Nino).

What do you see when the booth goes bright
in the blinding light
when the flash tries to find you?
Every photo of every face
is a time and place that you leave behind --

There's the girl you were
There's the trip abroad
There's your father's smile
There's the face of God
There is everything that you were and you still wanted more
What do you see?
When the booth goes bright

There's a girl from the factory
and she's on your knee
though you've known her a week and you're
oh so shy but she made you laugh
in that photograph and she kisses your cheek

There's when she said yes
There's the next ten years
There's the loneliness when she disappears
There's the face that you still remember though no longer know
where do you go?

What happens when the booth goes bright?
Where do you go when you're out of view?
What's the use in trying to hide?
Or tearing yourself in two?
When you leave yourself behind
Every piece becomes another clue

Pull the curtain tight
and adjust the seat
Lean into the light
Don't forget to breathe
And if surer day your travels should bring you
I'll see what you see
When the booth goes bright
When the booth goes bright
When the booth goes bright

[Thanks to rachliny for lyrics]

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When The Booth Goes Bright lyrics from Amelie musical