Amelie - Backyard Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - Backyard Lyrics

I washed and folded all of your laundry
Fixed that sink with the leak
I left you some meals in the freezer
Enough to last you a week
So maybe when the weather is warmer
And you have a day that is free
Dad! You should come and visit me

RAFAEL (spoken):
Mmmmm, nope!
Can't leave my buddy here alone

AMÉLIE (spoken):
The gnome is keeping you here?

RAFAEL (spoken):

Garden gnome's life isn't easy
There's terracotta rocks in the turf
Once I went away for a weekend

AMÉLIE (spoken):

Some neighbors painted him like a smurf
I need to be here to protect him
I'm kinda like his bodyguard
I'm better off in my backyard

RAFAEL (spoken):
I gotta run to the store a-and pick up some touch up paint

AMÉLIE (spoken):

You're coming with me

[Thanks to Kailyn, Ashia Snow for lyrics]

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