Amelie - The Bottle Drops Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - The Bottle Drops Lyrics

"The Bottle Drops" is a song from Amelie performed by Savvy Crawford (Young Amelie), Phillipa Soo (Amelie), Company.

We interrupt this program, tragedy in Paris
Killed in a car crash, Princess Diana of Wales

Young Amélie:
Fingers slip, the bottle drops
And falling in slow motion
The bottle hits, the stopper rolls
Across the bathroom floor
And hits a wall, and with a click
It's like a tiny trapdoor opens

A tiny hole, a metal box,
A rusty hinge, a broken lock.

Amelie & Ensemble:
Slowly crack the treasure open.

Cat's eye marble, die-cast car
A pocketknife, a chocolate bar
A watch that's waiting to be wound
A treasure waiting to be found
I am Howard Carter stepping into Tutankhamun's tomb

Ensemble (spoken): (Amélie):
Each object in the box was a breadcrumb leading to a dazzling idea (Give back the box)
Wherever the owner was, she would find him and return his childhood (I have to try)
If he was touched, Amélie would become an anonymous do-gooder
That would be her mission, anonymous good-deed-doing

If I did, I could be like Lady Di!

[Thanks to Victoria for lyrics]
[Thanks to Julia for corrections]

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