Amelie - Everything is Connected (Prologue) Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - Everything is Connected (Prologue) Lyrics

NINO: September 3rd, 1975
The moment a blue fly takes flight

NINO/COLIGNON: It passes a fruit stand and lands on a fig

COLIGNON: As the new owner's taking a bite

PHILOMENE: One block away at an outdoor cafe

LUCIEN: As the wind makes a tablecloth dance

PHILOMENE/LUCIEN/GEORGETTE: Even before the fly lands on a girl

GEORGETTE: The girl's getting sick in advance


GEORGETTE/JOSEPH: Down on a street a man holds a receipt

JOSEPH: He's returning a ring to a store

JOSEPH/BRETODEAUX: On two flights above him a boy fills a box

BRETODEAUX: With his favorite glass marble
And old diecast car and a comic and coins from the war

JOSEPH/BRETODEAUX: Adds a watch from his father and closes the lid

JOSEPH: Hide the box in a hole in the floor

BRETODEAUX: Where I keep it ten thousand times before


BRETODEAUX: Where you'll never find it


SUZANNE/NINO: High on the breeze in a flying trapeze
The fly meets a girl in mid-air
And for one shining moment it feels like there's no one else there

NINO: The girl thinks she sees the fly smiling

SUZANNE: Is that fly actually smiling? Oh shit!


GINA: A girl saves a letter

NINO: A boy finds a photo

BLIND BEGGAR: A man at the doctor is told he'll go blind

HIPOLITO: A promising poet rhymes purple with "shurple"

DUFAYEL: A man starts a painting then leaves it behind

COMPANY: Oh, everyone is falling as the fly comes into view
And everyone's connected though they may not know it's true
They form a trail of breadcrumbs
But what are they leading to?

AMELIE: September 3rd, 1975
The moment a baby is born
Seven pound, seven ounce
Brown haired little girl
And just for a moment it's perfect

AMANDINE/RAPHAEL: I mean, right now it's actually... perfect


AMELIE: The moment a blue fly takes flight

COMPANY: Oh, everyone is falling as their lives play out unplanned
And everyone's connected though they may not understand
That falling feels like flying (falling feels flying) [x5 overlapped]

YOUNG AMELIE: Til the moment that you land

September 3rd, 1975
When all of these things came to be

JOSEPH: The ring she rejected

BLIND BEGGAR: The news from the doctor

NINO: The face in the photo

COMPANY: The tablecloth dancing
The pen and the paintbrush
The feeling of flying
The trail of breadcrumbs that brought you



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