Amelie - Times Are Hard for Dreamers (Prologue) Lyrics Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Amelie the Musical - Times Are Hard for Dreamers (Prologue) Lyrics

My parents tell me all the time
that times are hard for dreamers.
And then I'm told that I'm not old enough to disagree.

But when I'm looking out my window I can see the world I'm dreaming
All around me

It's when I'm dreaming that my
house becomes a giant snow globe.
And when I shake it I'm a snowflake floating down the street.

And as I'm falling to the ground
the world is reaching out to catch me.

Though we've yet to really meet.

Raphael Poulain likes giving salutes.

MAN 1:
In his army doctor uniform.

MAN 2:
Always liked the idea of a daughter.

But not so sure now that I've got one.

MAN 3:
Likes to swim, but dislikes wet swimming suits.

MAN 4: Likes to clean and organize
His tools.

MAN 5:
He likes his daughter in theory.

But doesn't really like it when he:

Has to touch her.

[Thanks to Julia for corrections]

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Times Are Hard for Dreamers (Prologue) lyrics from Amelie the musical