Anastasia - Crossing a Bridge Lyrics

2017 Broadway Production
ANASTASIA the Musical - Crossing a Bridge Lyrics

"Crossing a Bridge" is a song from Anastasia performed by Christy Altomare (Anya).

Look at the sky
Look at the water
Somebody’s bridge
Somebody’s daughter
Who could have known
I’d be alone
Crossing this bridge
Boat’s heading in
Somebody calling
Sun going down
Shadow’s are falling
Shimmering view
Dangerous too
Crossing a bridge
Halfway between
Where I’ve been
And where I’m going
Do I turn back or go on
There’s no way of knowing
Moon on the rise
Breezes are sighing
Birds on the wing
Where are they flying
Some coming home
And some taking flight
We’re all in midair
On this beautiful night
Breathe and hold tight
Halfway between
All I’ve lost
And all I’m learning
All of the hope and the cost
Of someone returning
Thousands of lights
Shining below me
Somebody points
Does somebody know me
I’ve found my river
My bridge, my square
And the breezes whisper
That’s almost a prayer
Meet you right there
Crossing a bridge
Every light is like a promise
Every light could be a sign
One of them might be mine

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