Anastasia - Crossing a Bridge Lyrics

2017 Broadway Production
ANASTASIA the Musical - Crossing a Bridge Lyrics

"Crossing a Bridge" is a song from Anastasia performed by Christy Altomare (Anya).

Look at the sky
Look at the water
Somebody's bridge
Somebody's daughter
Who could've known I'd be alone
Crossing this bridge

Boats heading in
Somebody calling
Sun going down
Shadows are falling
Shimmering view
Dangerous, too,
Crossing a bridge

Halfway between
Where I've been
And where I'm going
In between wondering why
And finally knowing

Thousands of lights
Shining below me
Somebody waits
Somebody, know me

Maybe we're sharing
This beautiful night
Me on the left bank
You on the right
Almost in sight...
Crossing a bridge

Every light is like a promise
Every light could be a clue
One of them might be you

[Thanks to Catalina, Julia for corrections]

Anastasia the Musical Crossing a Bridge lyrics

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song Crossing a Bridge lyrics from Anastasia the musical