Anastasia - My Petersburg Lyrics

2017 Broadway Production
ANASTASIA the Musical - My Petersburg Lyrics

"My Petersburg" is a song from Anastasia performed by Derek Klena (Dmitry) and Christy Altomare (Anya).

I grew up
On the sly
In the gutters and the streets
Of Petersburg
Just a kid
On the fly
Getting good at getting by
In Petersburg
I bartered for a blanket
Stolen for my bread
Learned to take my chances
And use my head
A Russian rat is clever
Clever or he ends up dead
Boils down to
There are some
Who survive
Some who don’t
Some give up
Some give in
Me I won’t
Black and blue
Welcome to
My Petersburg

(spoken) Come on. I want to show you something.

See that sky
It’s not often clear as this
In Petersburg
Looking up
Don’t know why
Sky’s the only thing I’ll miss
In Petersburg
There’s nothing here to hold me
No one that I owe
Still I have this feeling
I can’t let go
It’s almost like I’m seeing
Footprints in the fallen snow
That’s where I
Stole a pear
Climbed a wall
Skinned a knee
There’s the boy
Growing up
Who was me
All I’ve been
All I’ll be
My Petersburg
See the lights
We arrive
Here’s the park
No more fights
We survive

In the dark

And tonight
There’s a sky
And quite a view
My Petersburg


And me and you

Anastasia the Musical My Petersburg lyrics

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