A New Brain - The Homeless Lady's Revenge Lyrics

1998 Off-Broadway musical by William Finn
A New Brain the Musical - The Homeless Lady's Revenge Lyrics

Song from "A New Brain the Musical" is titled "The Homeless Lady's Revenge" and is written by William Finn.

LISA: Books for sale! "The Selected Stories of Gertrude Stein" only two bucks!

We have books
All sorts of fiction
You can buy at a discount
As of this count 103 books
From classics to mystery
Also gay history here
On the street
Where do I get them?
I have my sources
Readers, divorces, lives go bad
Kids go to college
Mothers throw their books away
And mothers throw their books away
When mothers get mad

We have books
Handsome books
All the books displayed in my trolley
Poems, porno and whackery
Also some Thackeray here, here
On the street

GORDON: First day out

ROGER: Just to the bank and back

GORDON: I feel about eight

ROGER: Don't hyperventilate
It's normal out on the street
Informal, lively and sweet

GORDON: It's raining which I abhor

ROGER: Ahem, but you won't find him complaining anymore

GORDON: No, no more

LISA: We have books

GORDON/ROGER: Life is wonderful

LISA: Fancy books

GORDON/ROGER: Very wonderful

LISA: Kind of damp but still quite legible
James Bond up through [Doctor O?]
[World's Fair?] to Doctor No here
On the street

GORDON: I can't believe what I see
Half these books belong to me
Half these books
With my name on the cover

ROGER: Some with the name of your lover

GORDON: But you have found my books
You have found my history
Oh, you don't know what this means to me
It means to me I live
I live

But I'm not paying for my own goddamn books so we'll just take them right now

ROGER: Lady Grace Do you recognise my face?

LISA: Two bucks

ROGER: In an uninviting place

LISA: Two bucks

ROGER: I am someone who you've counseled once before

LISA: Don't touch them!

ROGER: Blink or somehow try to show
I am someone who you know
Please forgive me if I stand here to implore
But here's his whole library
Which I think is very, very well-worth fighting for

LISA: I don't care if you're the King of England
I don't care if you're a saint
It's two bucks!

GORDON: What?!

LISA: I don't care if life's a silly picnic
Which is something that it ain't
It's two bucks! Two bucks!
If you were my mother
Uno, dos!

GORDON: Oh, god...

LISA: Two bucks
If you were my dog

ROGER: Where did you find them?

GORDON: You're making me crazy

LISA: I have my sources

GORDON: She's making me crazy

LISA: Readers, divorces

ROGER: Oh, Jesus Christ!

LISA: When lives go bad

GORDON: But these are mine!

LISA: Not anymore, they're not! And mothers throw their books away

GORDON: These are mine!

LISA: Mothers throw their books away
When mothers get mad


LISA: Come buy them!

GORDON: No, no, no, no, no, come back here, she's got my books!

ROGER: Gordo, Gordo, Gordo! Gordo, what are you doing? They're only books

GORDON: What am I doing?


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