Ain't It The Truth (Reprise) Lyrics

Broadway 2016
A BRONX TALE the Musical - Ain't It The Truth (Reprise) Lyrics

You think I'm scare of some knuckle-draggers?
Brother, please!
These wops ain't no better than I.

They are dumber than a lumpa
Mozzarella cheese
And greasy as a pizza pie!

TYRONE: Ah, they mama smell like garlic

JESSE: And they daddy's alcoholic

BOTH: And they sister's got a fat mustache!

JESSE: They talk tough

TYRONE: But it's baloney

JESSE: 'Cause they soft as macaroni

BOTH: Just punk-ass immigrant trash!


BOTH: And that's the truth!

TYRONE: You know it, ev'ry word is true.

BOTH: And that's the truth!

JESSE: Ain't scared what some dumb wops'll do.

No way that I'll surrender
To some jive spaghetti-bender

The dagos want some action,
We'll put all of 'em in traction.

Them guinea sons-a-bitches
Gonna need a dozen stitches!
And that's the truth!

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Ain't It The Truth (Reprise) Lyrics from A Bronx Tale the musical