A Bronx Tale the Musical - I Like It Lyrics

Broadway Musical (2016)
A BRONX TALE the Musical - I Like It Lyrics

"I Like It" is a song from A Bronx Tale the Musical performed by Hudson Loverro (Young Calogero) and Ensemble.

Everywhere I go
Up and down the street
Everyone's my buddy
They're fallin' at my feet
I'm more than a kid
I'm part of the gang
They know where I go
Who I'm with, and my name

They call me 'C'
And I like it
Cool as can be
And I like it

Walkin' tall
Feelin' fine
Belmont Avenue's mine
And I like it

Guys down at the pool-hall
They're beggin' me to play
The kids up at the corner, all step out my way
The girls give me looks
That are sweeter than summer
And why, because I am a real up-and-comer

They call me 'C'
And I like it
They smile at me
And I like it

Things are good
Yes, they are
Life's a big cookie jar
And I like it

Just yesterday
They pushed me aside
Just yesterday
They all looked right through me
Suddenly, 'bam!'
The world knows who I am
Life's a carnival ride since Sonny happened to me

When I'm at the drugstore
My coke don't cost a dime
Over at the newsstand
Free comics all the time
The grocer
The peddler
The whole neighborhood
Wherever I go
I know my money's no good

They call me 'C'
And I like it
Everything's free
And I like it

Got a style
Got a rep
Got a swing in my step
I got the cash and the crew
All because of guess who

Nothing will be quite the same
Starting with my new name
And I like it

Yeaaah, yeah
I like it
Yeaaaaah, yeah
I like it

[Thanks to Eryn, Charlotte for corrections]

A Bronx Tale the musical I Like It Lyrics sung by Joshua Colley

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I Like It Lyrics from A Bronx Tale musical