BANDSTAND - Welcome Home Lyrics

The New American Musical 2017
Bandstand the Musical - Welcome Home Lyrics

"Welcome Home" is a song from Bandstand the musical performed by Corey Cott (Donny) & Laura Osnes (Julia Trojan).

What’s this?

It’s a poem. To you and the guys.
There’s so much I didn’t see, and I’m so sorry.

Nick learned to survive
Means you never trust
Once you see the worst in man, the
How do you adjust?
And I stand here helpless
My arms extended
Knowing full well, darling
Your war’s not ended
Welcome home, my boys
Welcome home, my sons
Welcome home, my husband
Welcome home, my love
Welcome home
Welcome home
Welcome home

All the sleepless nights
Praying you’d return
Safely to my arms with
All the honor you would earn
Letters ev’ry day
Sent to reassure
Knowing all the dangers
Were duties of the tour
Now our wait has ended
Our years of yearning
And I’m at my doorway
My love returning
Welcome home, my dear
Welcome home, my sweet
Welcome home, my hero
Welcome home, my heart
Welcome home
Welcome home
Welcome home

[Thanks to Rebecca for lyrics]

Bandstand the musical Welcome Home lyrics

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Welcome Home lyrics from Bandstand the musical