Back to the Future - Pretty Baby Lyrics

2021 West End
Back to the Future the Musical - Pretty Baby Lyrics

MARTY MCFLY: (spoken)
Calvin... Why'd you keep callin' me Calvin?

Oh, well, it is your name,
Isn't it, Calvin Klein?
It's written all over your underwear

MARTY MCFLY: (spoken) Actually they call me Marty...

Oh, pleased to meet you Calvin...Marty...Klein...

Pretty baby, got this funny feelin'
Pretty baby, I might need some healin'
It's getting hotter and it's giving me the chills
I think I'd better rest here for a while...
Pretty baby, got a little secret
Oh pretty baby, I hope that you can keep it
Good girls never do it
They won't do it
Till they do
You know that I'd be oh so good for you...

When I sit by your side
I just can't dеscribe
Feelin' thеse feelings
I feel
There's something deep inside
That cannot be denied
I can't conceal it
This can't be real
Tell me it's real!

Pretty baby, did you come to save me?
My pretty baby, oh how you drive me crazy!
I'm in a hurry,
Got to hurry don't you see
It's up to me and you
And we both know what to do
Pretty baby,
Won't cha feel it too?
Pretty baby, I want you to feel it too...

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Pretty Baby lyrics Back to the Future the Musical

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