Cole Porter - Old-Fashioned Garden Lyrics

Song from "Hitchy-Koo of 1919" - Broadway Musical
Cole Porter - Old-Fashioned Garden Lyrics

One summer day I chanced to stray
To a garden of flow’rs blooming wild,
It took me once more
To the dear days of yore
And a spot that I loved as a child;
There were the phlox, tall hollyhocks,
Violets perfuming the air,
Frail eglantines, shy columbines,
And marigolds everywhere.

It was an old fashioned garden
Just an old fashioned garden
But it carried me back
To that dear little shack
In the land of long ago.

I saw an old fashioned
Missus getting old fashioned kisses
In that old fashioned garden
From an old fashioned beau.

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Old-Fashioned Garden Cole Porter Lyrics