Doctor Zhivago - Women And Little Children / He's There Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
Doctor Zhivago the Musical - Women And Little Children / He's There Lyrics

Older women: La la la la li la li la la la
Younger women: La li li li li la la na ni
(Repeat twice)

All: Spring in the Ural Mountains, take to the field and plow!
Women and little children do all the work now!
All of the men conscripted, off to endless war,
Women and children keep the earth growing
Men die not knowing what they are dying for!
Brother kills brother, Reds murder Whites
No one in bed to bother me at night
No one to beat me, no one to drink and whore
Let them go to war!

Older women: Women

Younger women: Children

Both: Women and little children.
Off to the senseless fight
Gone as the grey at dusk
Everything will go back to the way it once was.
Many of the men are wounded, missing or on the run
Women and children keep the earth turning
too busy earning daily bread to fight!

Yalenka: Soldiers took my Vasya! Rode off with him in broad daylight!

Lara: Calm yourself Yalenka, were they Whites or Reds?

Yalenka: White Army, Red Army, who can tell anymore ?!
They just dragged him from the yard , not a word spoken.
My poor Vasya, gone!

Lara: No, Yalenka, he'll return. Keep him in your heart,
Where he's always safe from harm.
Like sunlight on a winter hill, he's there.
A shadow on a windowsill , he's there.
A song he sang, a book he read,
A look he gave , a word he said
That stays forever in your head
He's there!
Another day alone
And yet you're there!
As vivid as the day we met
You're there!
That unexpected flash of light
That shocks my soul and burns so bright
And stays with me all through the night,
You're there!
And all at once I come alive
A joy I can't explain
I feel you near and hear you softly call my name!
A candle burns and in it's glow , you're there
In passing trains that come and go, you're there!
As days and seasons turn to years, you're the hand which dries my tears!
When I sigh I know you hear my prayers
With every breath of air I breathe
You're there!

Younger women: La la la la li la li la la na ni la
(older women repeat melody)

All: Spring in the Ural Mountains, gone is the ice and snow!
Harvest will be here before you know it!
Soldiers trample meadows
Which makes it bloom again.
Women and children
Women and little children!

Lara: And a few old men.

[Thanks to Z for lyrics]

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