Doctor Zhivago - Watch the Moon Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
Doctor Zhivago the Musical - Watch the Moon Lyrics

Zhivago: Watch the moon and think of me.
Let the nights pass quickly by
Until the day that I return
You'll watch the moon and so will I.

Tonia: When the winds refuse to die
And the dark is everywhere
Behind a veil of silver clouds
I'll watch the moon and you'll be there.

Both: from the start of each grey morning
On through afternoon
Whole lifetimes go by
But when dusk darkens the sky
I'll watch the moon
And think of spring
Think of days with time to spare
Until the day you're in my arms
I'll watch the moon and know you're there.

Zhivago: I'll watch the moon and know you're there!
By daylight I can plainly see the savagery of war
But all that numbs and deadens me the moon has seen before
She floats above the battlefield impassive and immune
Those who are on the battlefield
Their open eyes compelled to watch the moon
Without a clue why they lie dead and I survive
I pray to God I'll make it through
And live to learn why I'm alive

[Thanks to Zelda for lyrics]

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