Doctor Zhivago - Komarovsky's Toast Lyrics

Broadway production 2015
Doctor Zhivago the Musical - Komarovsky's Toast Lyrics

Lovely little Tonia, haven't you done well?
Marrying this doctor

Tonia: And a poet

Komarovsky :
Time will tell! To marriage and children, those busy birds and bees.
May the angels bless your happiness
And spare me from it, please!
Za vas! To you, and a bond that's ever true !
Za lyobof! To love! Which a man can never have too much of!
Za zhivas! To life!

Tonia: Lyobof! To love!

Komarovsky :
Carry on our customs, civil and discreet ,
so unlike the rabble wreaking havoc in the street.
Remember dear children, as down the path you start,
the only revolution is the one inside your heart!
And now, may the happy couple lead us in the waltz.

(Tonia and Zhivago dance)

[Thanks to E for lyrics]

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