Daddy Long Legs - Things I Didn't Know Lyrics

Off-Broadway Production
Daddy Long Legs the Musical - Things I Didn't Know Lyrics

"Things I Didn't Know" is a song from musical 'Daddy Long Legs' performed by Megan McGinnis (Jerusha) and Paul Alexander Nolan.

I didn't know that Henry the eighth was married more than once or Shelly was a poet.
I didn't know Alexander the Great had conquered most of Greece, or people came from monkeys.
I didn't know that the garden of eden was all just a beautiful myth.
I never read Great Expectations, Summer on the Lake, Euripides Electra.
I never met the two nobel kinsmen, or ever came across The Merry Wives of Windsor.
I always feel like I'm Alice in Wonderland stranded in Vanity Fair.
Once upon a time, Oh Captian, My Captain!
I'm so many years behind.
I'm still so many years behind.
I did'nt know that she'd be so clever.
I never dreamed of such imagination.
I never read thoughts so expresive.
I really must re-read he Count of Monty Christo.
What am I thinking?
I'm missing the appointments
To read what shes studdied in French.
I'm baffeled.
I'm perplexed.
Oh Captian, My Captian!
I Really must get back to work.
I wonder what she'll write me next?
I'd never heard of Meg, Jo, Beth, or Amy.
I'd never been to Dover Beach.
Or heard the phrase, "
A man's reach should exceed his grasp".
I feel like the idiot, or the toilers of the sea.
Oh Captian, My Captian!
All the world is verse to me.
A lady with a lamp i see.
I'd never heard the moonlight sonata, a Chopin Polonaise, a Brandenburg Concerto.
I did'nt know that Lily and Russel triumphed on the stage, or Mone was a painter.
And, you may laugh at me, I thought George Elliot was without question a man.
I'm opening my mind.
Oh Captain, My Captian!
I'm so many years behind.
I'm still so many years behind.
Now Daddy I must sleep, but I will think of you.
For Daddy know there is still much catching up to do.

[Thanks to Eve for corrections]

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Things I Didn't Know lyrics from Daddy Long Legs the musical