Diana the Musical - Underestimated Lyrics

2020 Broadway
DIANA: A True Musical Story - Underestimated Lyrics

Performed by Jeanna de Waal

Flashbulbs fill the air
Frenzy fills the night
Lonely girl aswirl
Lost in blinding light

Living rather large
Yet feeling rather small
You step up to the mic
But you’re not heard at all

Your prison has been built
Your downfall’s been devised
Won’t they be surprised
when you’re underestimated?

They minimize your thoughts
They maximize your flaws
The trouble you can cause
when you’re underestimated

Nineteen and naive
Shy and insecure
Thinking princes never lie
Believing love is pure

Suddenly, a chance
Why not have a go?
The danger you don’t see
The sorrow you don’t know

So summon up your nerve
Fairytales exist
And this one has a twist
‘cause you’re underestimated

You never once stood out
Hardly passed a test
Sometimes though it’s best
to be underestimated

Sometimes though it’s best
to be underestimated

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Jeanna de Waal DIANA musical Underestimated Lyrics