FALSETTOS - Trina's Song Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Falsettos the Musical - Trina's Song Lyrics

“Trina's Song” is a song performed by Stephanie J. Block (Trina) from the musical FALSETTOS and is written by William Finn and James Lapine.

I'm tired of all the happy men who rule the world.
Their smile,
Their smiles, their pedigree.
They smile,
But not for me.
I'd like a chance to hide
In their world.

I'm happy, but I'm not at ease with that whole world.
There's trust,
He lets me move,
And lust,
Which I approve.

I need those crass, indulgent stares.
He pats my ass and says he cares.
The smile will come at will,
But still.

I'm not exactly happy,
Though he's absolutely nice.
And he caters to my family,
Sometimes for a price.
But he's cocky and he's charming,
Funny as the day is long,
And he's mine.
What's so wrong'

I'll be absolutely faithful.
He may go and play the field.
I'll stay home and smile at Jason,
All ambivalence concealed.
He must tell me how he loves me,
Make it seem like he's inspired.
And I'll roar,
Like I'm wired.

I'll explore what I'm feeling,
Accept what I'm feeling is 'tired'.
I'm tired,
So tired of all the happy men who rule the world.
I'll laugh,
Then watch us fade.
I'll laugh,
Then fire the maid.

I'm sick to try, I'm too prepared.
I'm duly warned and duly scared.
My life is now on trial.
I smile.

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Trina's Song Lyrics from Falsettos musical