Gigi Lyrics

2015 Broadway revival
Gigi the Musical - Gigi Song Lyrics

"Gigi" is a song from Gigi the Musical performed by Corey Cott (Gaston).

There's sweeter music when she sings, isn't there?
A different bloom about her cheeks, isn't there?
Could I be wrong, could it be so?
Oh where oh where did Gigi go?
Gigi, am I a fool without a mind?
Or have I merely been too blind?
To realize.
Oh, Gigi!
Why, you've been growing up before my eyes
You're not at all that funny
Awkward little girl I knew
Oh no!
Overnight, there's been a breathless change
In you.
Oh, Gigi!
While you were trembling on the brink
Was I out yonder somewhere
Blinking at a star?
Oh, Gigi!
Have I been standing up too close?
Or back too far?
When did your sparkle turn to fire?
And your warmth become desire?
Oh what miracle has made you the way you are?
Oh no!
I was mad not to have seen the change
In you.
Oh Gigi!
While you were trembling...are?

Gigi the Musical Gigi Song Lyrics

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