The Gossips Lyrics

2015 Broadway revival
Gigi the Musical - The Gossips Lyrics

"The Gossips" is a song from Gigi the Musical performed by Parisians.

Honore Lachaille
Honore Lachaille
With another twinkle in his eye
Isn't it a shame?
Isn't it a crime
Seeing him so happy all the time?
There's that wretched man
Louis DeLaTour
With his latest horrible amour
Isn't she a mess?
Isn't she a sight?
Let's invite them out tomorrow night
There's Gaston Lachaille
With his little friend
Is that passion never going to end?
Did you see her ring?
Not a bagatelle!
Dear Liane is doing very well

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The Gossips lyrics Gigi the musical