Opening Lyrics

2015 Broadway revival
Gigi the Musical - Opening Lyrics

"Opening" is a song from Gigi the Musical performed by Honoré, Liane, Gigi and Parisians.

The night they invented champagne
As plain as it can be
They thought of you and me
The night they invented champagne
They absolutely knew
That all we'd want to do is
Fly to the sky on champagne
And shout to everyone in sight
That since the world began
No woman or a man
Has ever been as happy
As we are
While you were trembling on the brinkwell
We are yonder somewhere blinking at a star
oh gigi
Were we standing up to??
When did your sparkle turn to??
And your warmth become desire
Oh what miracle has made you the way
You are

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Opening lyrics Gigi the musical