The Grinning Man Musical - Labyrinth Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - Labyrinth Lyrics

The city with its dark embrace,
Shows it’s twisted damaged face,
And reflects the labyrinth of my mind.

Here amongst these winding streets,
Invisible I move with ease,
No one sees the monster walking by.

Who’s is the mask I’m wearing?
Who’s is the past I’m carrying?
Nobody can see past my hideous grin,
I can’t put a name to the monster with in.

What was it I left behind,
On that black and bitter night,
It’s lost within the labyrinth of my mind.
Everywhere I look I see the darkness eating into me,
Why is it that the truths so hard to find?

What if the face I’m hiding,
Is all that there is deep inside me.
Even if I knew what had caused all this pain,
Why in hell would I want to feel it again.

A little bottle dulls the pain,
Till the pain comes back again,
It’s hiding in the labyrinth of my mind.

This letter brings a pass of life,
To a beating heart cut by a knife,
Maybe it’s time to leave my past behind.

This search for the past hasn’t healed me,
May even have helped to have conceal me,
This woman sheds the true light upon my disgrace,
Because she sees the beauty in my broken face.

[Thanks to Morgan Goodwin for lyrics]

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