Roll Up! Lyrics

2017 West End
The Grinning Man the musical - Roll Up! Lyrics

At first you shudder with the shock
You’re shivering with cold
Then every pain you’ve ever felt
Comes screaming from your soul

It burns up through your mouth and eyes
Your torso and your hands
Then you’re lost entirely
You cease to understand

And then, with sudden clarity, you’re him and he is you
And then you see that all the people round you feel that too
And all at once their voices split the silence like a knife
A shout of triumph from the heart
The pure laughter of life

Everyone who sees him is amazed
At the grisly beauty of his face
A mutilated angel and a devastating freak
Hand on heart we promise he is totally unique

Roll up for the new star at the fair
Soon he will be famous everywhere
Try to get your tickets for the biggest seat in town
Soon you won’t remember how you lived without this clown

You’ve been smiled at

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Roll Up! lyrics from The Grinning Man