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Here Lies Love the Musical - Opposite Attraction Lyrics

(David Byrne - Opposite Attraction Lyrics)

Female: Come on boys
I say everyone needs love and true love in return but you say you've got to change the world
well that's all right
cause I say no one lives by bread by bread alone
but you say people got to have a home that's what you say but
I say opposite attraction like magnetism or the pieces of a puzzle its a natural reaction
now baby its sick now I think im having trouble now we're different as we can be
im the fittest pretty girl in seas we are so tiny boy to make you scream
but that's why opposites attract for real yeah opposites attract for real

Male: now you know me I gotta speak my mind no matter what the cost and you say

Female: oh don't you leave me behind

Male: that's what you say and you say

Female: you say that love is all its all we need

Male: and I say ooh girl we livin in a world a world so real

Both: now opposite attraction

Male: though we keep trying

Both: theres an awful lot of distance an emotional reaction

Male: now im taking my shot cause I need to make a difference now we're different as
we can be and politics puts you to sleep now
im just there to pay your fee now is that the way this has to end baby can we still be friends
and I know some day you will understand

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Here Lies Love the musical Opposite Attraction lyrics

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Opposite Attraction Lyrics Here Lies Love musical