I Am Damaged Lyrics

Off-Broadway musical
Heathers the Musical - I Am Damaged Lyrics

"I Am Damaged" is a song from Heathers performed by Ryan McCartan (J.D.)
and Barrett Wilbert Weed (Veronica).

JD (sung):
I am damaged, far too damaged,
But you’re not beyond repair.
Stick around here,
Make things better
‘Cause you beat me fair and square

(JD takes the bomb from Veronica)

Please stand back now
‘Little further.
Don’t know what this thing will do.
Hope you’ll miss me.
Wish you’d kiss me
Then you’d know I worship you.
I’ll trade my life for yours.

VERONICA (sung):
Oh my God—

And once I disappear,

Wait, hold on—

Clean up the mess down here.

Not this way!

Our love is God
Our love is God
Our love is God
Our love is God
Our love is God

Say hi to God

(Explosion and blackout. Lights up on Westerberg students and faculty drawn by the noise.
Veronica enters, face blackened, hair frazzled, jacket singed.
Heather Duke and Heather McNamara rush up)

Where have you been’ People were saying you killed yourself.

HEATHER DUKE (spoken):
You look like hell.

VERONICA (spoken):
I just got back.

(She removes Heather Duke’s red scrunchie and ties it around her own hair)

Hey! What are you doing?!

[Thanks to Amanda for lyrics]

Heathers the Musical I Am Damaged Lyrics

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I Am Damaged Lyrics Heathers the Musical