Heathers 101 (High School Edition) - Chainsaw (You're Welcome Reprise) Lyrics

Teen Comedy
Heathers 101 (High School Edition) the Musical - Chainsaw (You're Welcome Reprise) Lyrics

H. Duke: They said you were-

K and R: A chainsaw!

Preppy: WHATTT?

K: Taking off my clothes!

K and R: A chainsaw!

Preppy + “another guy” (it’s scripted like that): WHAAAT?

R: Nearly broke my nose!

R and K: A chainsaw!

All guys: OW!

R: All teeth and claws!

K: A cross between Godzilla and Jaws!

Ah! Ah ah ah ah ah! X2

Duke: Bad choices come back to bite us, we can’t be friends; you’ll give us hepatitis

Goody-two shoes turned out to be, a cow who gives away her milk for free

Ens: She’s a chainsaw!

Comin’ after you!

Hey chainsaw!

She won’t stop at two!

Hey chainsaw!

Craves more and more!

Lock your doors ‘cause

Veronica Sawyer’s a-

Hey chainsaw!

Veronica Sawyer’s a-

Hey chainsaw!

Veronica Sawyer’s a


[Thanks to Allison for lyrics]

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Chainsaw (You're Welcome Reprise) Lyrics from Heathers 101 the Musical (High School Edition)