Heathers 101 (High School Edition) - Me Inside of Me Lyrics

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Heathers 101 (High School Edition) the Musical - Me Inside of Me Lyrics

[JD]: Think. Long and hard. Conjure her up in your mind.
What would she say?
What is her final statement to a cold, uncaring planet?

[VERONICA]: "Dear world...
Believe it or not, I knew about fear;
I knew the way loneliness stung.
I hid behind smiles and crazy hot clothes;
I learned to kiss boys with my tongue."

[JD]: That's good.

[VERONICA]: "But oh, the world, it held me down;
It weighed like a concrete prom queen crown."

[H. CHANDLER]: No one thinks a pretty girl has feelings.
No one gets her insecurity.
I am more than shoulder pads and makeup.
No one sees the me inside of me.
[Spoken] Jesus, you're making me sound like Air Supply.

[JD]: Keep going. This has to be good enough to fool the cops.

[MCCORD]: Whoa! Is it murder?

[MILNER]: No, look. Here's a suicide note.

"They couldn't see past my rockstar mystique,
They wouldn't dare look in my eyes.
But just underneath was a terrified girl
who clings to her pillow and cries!
My looks were just like prison bars;
they've left me a myriad of scars."

[H. CHANDLER]: "Myriad." Nice.

"No one thinks a pretty girl has substance.
That's the curse of popularity."

[PRINCIPAL GOWAN]: “I am more than fun behind the bleachers"

"No one sees the me inside of me."

[COACH RIPPER]: I’m telling you, Principal Gowan.
Heather Chandler is not your everyday suicide
You should cancel classes.

[PRINCIPAL GOWAN]: No way, Coach.
I send the kids home before lunch
and the switchboard'll light up like a Christmas tree.

[MS FLEMING]: Out children are dying.
What this school needs is a good old fashion round session.
I suggest we get everybody in the cafeteria
and just talk and feel together

[PRINCIPAL GOWAN]: Thank you, Ms. Fleming.
Call me when the shuttle lands.

[MS.FLEMING]: Go ahead! Laugh at the hippie!
but I’m telling you we all misjudged Heather Chandler.
Myself included! Have you read this suicide note? Really read it?

[PRINCIPAL GOWAN]: You mean copies?

"Box up my clothing for Goodwill,
and give the poor my Nordic Track.
Donate my car to crippled kids,
or to those ghetto moms on crack.
Give them my hats and my CDs,
my pumps and my flats, my three TVs!"

[CHANDLER, FACULTY]: "No one thinks a pretty girl has feelings;
but I weep for all I failed to be.
Maybe I can help the world by leaving;
Maybe that the me inside of me."

[PRINCIPAL GOWAN]: Aw, hell. Long weekend for everybody!

Not so fast, kids. They're refueling the buses,
Which gives us a solid half-hour of healing.
I've mimeographed copies of the suicide note
So you can feel Heather's anguish.

[H. MCNAMARA]: Her world seemed like a perfect place!

[MS. FLEMING]: Go on!

[HIPSTER DORK]: But friends and toys had no effect!

[MS. FLEMING]: Feel!

That's why she punched me in the face!

[MS. FLEMING]: Heal!

[STUDENTS]: Cause she was desperate to connect!

(Veronica laughs)

Veronica, something on your mind?

[VERONICA]: Sorry, I didn’t mean to lose control like this.
It’s just, this classroom discussion has stirred up emotions
I haven’t felt since hands across America!

[MS. FLEMING]: My God.
Look what we've done.
We're breaking through!
Heather would be so proud of you!

[STUDENTS]: And you! And you! And you! And you!

[ALL]: No one thinks a pretty girl can touch you...

[RAM & KURT]: Heather touching me...

[ALL]: But she's made us better than we were.
Heather's dead, but she will live inside me,
And I'll be the me inside of her…

[H. CHANDLER]: Oh My God!

[ALL]: Heather cried, our sins fell on her shoulders!


[ALL]: Heather died, so we could all be free!

[H. CHANDLER]: I’m bigger than John Lennon!

[ALL]: Heather's gone, but she will live forever!
[MARTHA]: She's the dove that sings outside my window!
[BITTER GEEK]: She's the twin from whom
I'm separated!
[STONER CHICK]: She's the horse I never got for Christmas!

[ALL]: Heather sees the me inside of me!
Heather is the me inside of me!
Inside of... me!

[Thanks to Allison for lyrics]

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