Salt Palace Lyrics

2017 Off-Broadway
Hundred Days the Musical - Salt Palace Lyrics

JO: (spoken)
Until finally

JO & REGGIE: (spoken)
You reach
The center of the axis
Where everything is entirely still

ABIGAIL: (spoken)
Time unfolds around us
An endless salt flat
I see Shaun
His life stretched out from horizon to horizon
Shaun at every age:
At five, at fifteen
At bible camp
As a toddler, riding a dog
In the diner booth, with me
Shaun, we did it
And suspended all around me I see
All the moments of my life

ABIGAIL: (spoken)
I see myself in the moment before everything changed
I see my mother

I see my mother

ABIGAIL: (spoken)
Collapsed on the floor
Too sick to move
And I see my father

I see my father

ABIGAIL: (spoken)
And his madness
And I see the dead
I see the dead, I see my dead

So I look to the future
But I see my face become my mother's

As the storm comes
I see Shaun fall
As the ice melts
Collapsed on the floor
As the wars come
Too sick to move
While we sleep
I see him mad
The march is over
I see him lost
The vigil ended
And I can’t stop it
The oceans rise
I can't I can't I can’t
And swallow deep

The world goes mad
And we go mad
And it's too late now
It's too late
And I see the ruins in front of me
All the beauty we were given
We didn't stop it
We didn't stop anything
We lose everything good

Every fifteen-year-old girl
Every family
Every home

(Drum Click)

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Salt Palace Lyrics from Hundred Days the Musical