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Broadway production 2015
It Shoulda Been You the Musical - Who Lyrics

"Who" is a song from the musical It Shoulda Been You performed by Josh Grisetti (Marty) and Lisa Howard (Jenny).

Who did you call when you got in trouble
Cause those six jello shots had you seeing double
Who kept you out of jail

Who changed your grade on the math computer
Cause you needed to show off to that recruiter
Who got you into Yale

Who’s known you better than anyone since you were eleven

Bringing up the past trying to get me to forgive
Hoping I might let you off the hook
That’ll never happen for as long as you live
So keep waiting and waiting and waiting

Who beat the crap out of Eli Levi
Cause he sat on your chest and he called you heavy
Who got the teasing to end

Who did you treat like a little brother
Cause he looked up to you like there was no other
Who did you call your best friend
At birthday parties that weren’t much fun
Who was your best seven minutes in Heaven

Come on now, Jenny, think back
We were once best friends
We used to hang out, smoke pot in dad’s Mercedes-Benz
So we committed crimes
Man they were such good times

Remember you were my first kiss

Oh, this is just great

That’s not so easy to dismiss

Marty, you were only eight

And I stuck pasta up your nose

Stop it

Your favorite spaghettios
Who taught you spin the bottle

Who played Seidel to your Model

Who cheers you up when your blue
Come on say it
Who popped wheelies with your upit

Who was Angel to my Buffy

Who’s the biggest nut you ever knew

Marty and Jenny
Its gotta be no other heat between us two
Its you know, you know, you know
You know who

[Thanks to Evan for lyrics]

It Shoulda Been You the Musical Who Lyrics

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Josh Grisetti Lisa Howard Who Lyrics from It Shoulda Been You the musical