Broke Lyrics

A New A Cappella Musical on Broadway (2016)
In Transit the Musical - Broke Lyrics

"Broke" is a song from IN TRANSIT performed by James Snyder (Nate).

Can I just take a second here
to clear the air and bend your ear?
I'm not sure you quite understand,
why you should lend this friend a hand.
I'm an educated standup guy,
who is more then just a suit and tie.
Just a decent and hardworking man,
who always had a five year plan.
So geeze, I mean please,
I'm no scammy, slimy, slob.
I just veered right off my track a bit.
cause ma'mm I lost my job.
I'm totally broke,
and this feeling is new to me.
I'm suddenly broke,
and it's not like it used to be.
I had regular hours ,
and magical powers
and cufflinks and clout.
Now I'm broke
and I'm freaking out.

Your not singing the blues to me sir.

I was a master of the universe.
A golden boy,
with a golden purse.
But not one of those Wall Street jerks.
though I do admit I liked the perks.
Like that that private jet,
we flew to france,
and these hundred dollar underpants,
and the lexus,
and the riverview.
You don't feed the children?
I fed two.
But my rents three months late,
and I'm living on raman and beans.
should of put away,
for some rainy day.
now I what a rainy day means.
I'm flat broke.
from a decade long spending spree.
Unbelievably broke.
Facebook friends are unfriending me.
If I could go back in time,
I'd go back on time,
and tell myself to pay attention.
I would not write that joke
describing my boss,
in words I should probably not mention.
Just delete it nate.
Not worth it man.
The payoffs really small.
But the consequences will be huge
when you it reply all.


I'm broker than broke,
and not just finacially.
this whole thing is broken.
My  sense of who I should be.
Cause my Amex is  maxed,
my MasterCards maxed.
My Bloomingdales,
and Barney's.
My Tj,
I'm drowing in debt
and don't know what to do.
I know it's in squalid,
but do me this solid.
I know,
I know that you can.
This metro card was the only card that still worked.
Oooh please,
Please sweet lady.
now I'm baffled.
ass man
yeah, yeah, yeah,

[Thanks to max siegmeister K for lyrics]

IN TRANSIT the musical Broke Lyrics

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Broke lyrics from IN TRANSIT the musical