What is Life? Lyrics

A thrilling musical from Ryan Scott Oliver and Hunter Foster
Jasper in Deadland The Musical - What is Life? Lyrics

[Jasper] What is that?

[VIRGIL] That is... Cerberus.


[CERBERUS HEAD #2] Brothers! Lately, I have been feeling - so existential.

[CERBERUS HEAD #3] Why sister!?!? Obviously,
existence is merely guarding the Gates of Deadland for our master, King Pluto!
I mean right!?

[CERBERUS HEAD #1] No brother... I think I know what sister means.
It isn't OUR existence she wonders about... but human existence!

[CERBERUS HEAD #2] Perhaps we must think it over together.
After all, three heads are much better than one...

[ALL CERBERUS HEADS] What is life? A distraction? A battle?

[CERBERUS HEAD #2] We wonder it.

[CERBERUS HEAD #1 & #3] We wonder it.

[ALL CERBERUS HEADS] What is life?
Just a catch-all for cattle called humans?

[CERBERUS HEAD #1] They know it goes so quickly.

[CERBERUS HEAD #3] Yet, dramatize it thickly-

[CERBERUS HEAD #2] It makes us feel so sickly.
Just how fickly they behave.

[ALL CERBERUS HEADS] As corpses come careening,
We're hungry for life's meaning!

[VIRGIL] Welcome to Deadland...
Please step up, state your name and get your Deadland I.D. and keep it moving!

[JASPER] Um... Hi, my name is Jasper. Hey, look, I'm not dead. I am very much alive.

(Suddenly CERBERUS is onto a scent. It sniffs JASPER up and down, then howls in a mania.)

He's alive!

[JASPER] Look, I need to get through these gates, my friend might be in there-

[CERBERUS HEAD #3] Get through?

[CERBERUS HEAD #1] A live soul?

[CERBERUS HEAD #2] Through these gates? Ha! I have a better idea...

[ALL CERBERUS HEADS] What is life?
If we eat you,
might we know?

[JASPER] EAT ME??? Wait! You can't eat me!

[CERBERUS HEAD #3] And why not?

[JASPER] You can't eat me...Because...Because...I know the answer to the question you ask!!


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