Kiss Me Kate - Bianca Lyrics

Broadway Musical (1948)
Kiss Me Kate - Bianca Lyrics

While rehearsing with Bianca
She's the darling I adore,
Offstage I found
She's been around
But I still love her more and more;
So I've written her a love song
Though I'm just an amateur.
I'll sing it through
For all of you
To see if it's worthy of her.
Are yuh list'nin'?

Bianca, Bianca,
Oh, baby, will you be mine?
Bianca, Bianca,
You'd better answer yes or Poppa spanka.
To win you, Bianca,
There's nothing I would not do.
I would gladly give up coffee for Sanka,
Even Sanka, Bianca, for you.

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Bianca Lyrics Kiss Me Kate the Musical Lyrics

Kiss Me Kate the Musical Lyrics

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