King and I - Song of the King Lyrics

Broadway revival (2015)
King and I the Musical - Song of the King Lyrics

A woman is a female who is human,
Designed for pleasing man, the human male.
A human male is pleased by many women,
And all the rest you hear is fairy tale.

Then tell me how this fairy tale began, sir.
You cannot call it just a poet's trick
Explain to me why many men are faithful
And true to one wife only-

King: [speaks]
They are sick!

A girl must be like a blossom
With honey for just one man.
A man must be like honey bee
And gather all he can.
To fly from blossom to blossom
A honey bee must be free,
But blossom must not ever fly
From bee to bee to bee.

h your Majesty, in my country we have a far off different attitude.
We believe that for a man to be truly happy, he must love one woman,
and one woman.

This idea was invented by a woman!

Oh but it's a beautiful idea. And in England we are brought up
with it. And by the time a young girl goes to her first dance-

Young girl? They dance also like I see tonight - in arms of men
not her husband?

Well, of course!

I will not permit!

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Song of the King lyrics The King and I musical lyrics Song of the King

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