Lizzie Borden Musical Songs Lyrics

A musical packed with murder, incest, love, betrayal, sexual manipulation, evidence tampering, bribery, and balls-to-the-wall rock and roll, LIZZIE is a female-fronted rock concept musical which tells the bloody legend of America's first and favorite axe-wielding double-murderess and Victorian hometown girl, Lizzie Borden.

Music and Lyrics: Steven Chelik-DeMeyer
Book, Lyrics and Additional Music: Tim Maner
Music and additional Lyrics: Alan Stevens Hewitt
Directed by: Victoria Bussert
Choreographer: Gregory Daniels
Music Director: Matthew Webb
Cast: Shannon O'Boyle, Ciara Renee, Rachel Jones, and Sophie Brown

Off-Broadway Musical
Lizzie Borden: the Musical Songs with Lyrics


Forty Whacks (Prologue) - Company
The House Of Borden - Company
This Is Not Love - Lizzie
Gotta Get Out Of Here - Lizzie and Alice
If You Knew - Alice
The Soul Of The White Bird - Company
Maybe Someday - Alice
"The Will" - Company
Sweet Little Sister - Company
Shattercane And Velvet Grass - Company
"The Milk" - Lizzie and Alice
Will You Stay? - Lizzie and Alice
Why Are All These Heads Off? - Bridget, Lizzie and Alice
Mercury Rising - Company
Somebody Will Do Something - Company


Forty Whacks (Entr’acte) - Band
The Fall Of The House Of Borden/"The Alibi" - Bridget, Lizzie and Alice
What The Fuck Now, Lizzie?! - Emma and Lizzie
"The Dress" - Company
Burn The Old Thing Up - Company
Questions Questions - Company
Will You Lie? - Company
Watchmen For The Morning - Bridget, Emma and Lizzie
Maybe Someday (Reprise 1) / Thirteen Days In Taunton - Company
Maybe Someday (Reprise 2) - Company
Into Your Wildest Dreams (Epilogue) - Company
Forty Whacks (Curtain) - Company


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9 Shattercane and Velvetgrass Lyrics
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14 Forty Whacks (reprise) Lyrics
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