The Soul of the White Bird Lyrics

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Lizzie Borden the Musical - The Soul of the White Bird Lyrics

Who are these that fly
Like a cloud to my window?
Coming with the waxing of a moon

To the beating of your wings
And the violins of freedom
I love you
I am hopeful
Am I doomed?

I clamor and I moan
That house is not my home
My silver wings are pinioned with green gold
My ghost
My dove
My innocence
My love
Am I utterly forgotten?
Left alone

LIZZIE (spoken)
The boys
Wanna come
Wanna play
With my pigeons
And you never let the boys come, boys come, boys come
Hand on my knee, on my... never let the boys come
Chasing all the boys away
I feel myself disintegrate
Oh, please daddy, please daddy
If I stay with you, daddy
Fingers on my knee, daddy
Stop it, stop it, stop it, daddy
Fingers on my, fingers on my, boys pigeons fingers daddy
Stop it
Stop it

And if there are survivors
They will be on the mountain
Like doves of the valley
All of them moaning

Oh, that I had wings like a dove
I would fly away
Be at rest

LIZZIE (spoken)
Lock away your secrets
Lock away my life
What if I unlocked your secrets
To your stupid little wife?
I want a new dress, daddy!
Need some money for a new dress
New dress daddy money please daddy please
I want a new dress
Dress like all the girls up on the hill
And all the boys and pretty dresses
Pretty dresses, pretty boys and girls
Come 'round to the pretty houses pretty penny
Hand on my knee, on my fingers, on my, pretty penny

And the soul of the white bird
On the wings of six black birds
Will be carried in the night
To the mountain

Oh, Lord, do not deliver
The soul of the white bird
The soul of the white bird
To the wild beast

ALICE (spoken)
Lizzie, don't!

LIZZIE (spoken)
Is that you, Alice?

ALICE (spoken)
Yes. Lizzie, I've been looking all over for you

LIZZIE (spoken)
Are you alone?

ALICE (spoken)

LIZZIE (spoken)
Then come up. Come up and see them.
Father says birds are filthy, but I think they're beautiful

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The Soul of the White Bird lyrics from Lizzie Borden the musical