Forty Whacks (Prologue) Lyrics

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Lizzie Borden the Musical - Forty Whacks (Prologue) Lyrics

Lizzie Borden took an axe
Gave her mother forty whacks
When she saw what she had done
Gave her father forty-one

ALICE (spoken)
I am Alice Russel. I have lived in Fall River a good many years.
All that time the Bordens have occupied the house next door.
I exchanged calls with Miss Lizzie Borden regularly.
She always received me upstairs

BRIDGET (spoken)
The name's Bridget Sullivan.
I was sometimes called "Maggie" by Miss Emma and Miss Lizzie,
It bein' the name of the previous girl.
I came to Fall River four years ago,
Have worked for the Bordens ever since

EMMA (spoken)
My full name is Emma L. Borden. The L is for Lenora.
I am the sister of Miss Lizzie Borden.
I was just a trifle over fourteen when my father married for the second time,
And I remember my mother very well

LIZZIE (spoken)
My name is is Lizzie Andrew Borden. Not Elizabeth, Lizzie.
Andrew -- after my father I was so christened. I am innocent.
I leave it to my council to speak for me

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Forty Whacks (Prologue) from Lizzie Borden the musical