The Lightning Thief - Their Sign Lyrics

2017 Off-Broadway
The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical - Their Sign Lyrics

"Their Sign" is a song performed by Jonathan Raviv (Chiron), Chris McCarrell (Percy), James Hayden Rodriguez (Luke) from The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical.

PERCY (spoken)
Where is my mom?

CHIRON (spoken)
Grover said she fought bravely, but a mortal woman against a minotaur...

PERCY (spoken)
It wasn't a dream? She's really gone?

CHIRON (spoken)
I'm so sorry, Percy

PERCY (spoken)
Well, it's my fault! She was trying to protect me

CHIRON (spoken)
You mustn't blame yourself

PERCY (spoken)
You say the gods are real? So, how could they let that happen?

CHIRON (spoken)
I'm afraid there are some questions only the gods themselves can answer. Look for their sign.

You have to be patient
A sign that the gods have a plan

I know that the future looks blurry
But, not to worry, just do what you can

Yes, the gods are very real
Though they often won't reveal
Who they are, what they want, their design

Have faith, keep your chin up
We'll help you adjust
And trust you will see their sign

PERCY (spoken)
So if my dad's a god, I'd like to know which one. He's got a lot to answer for

He showed no sign that he ever existed
No sign he might actually care

My mom raised me all on her lonesome
When I would reach out
No one else would be there

Well I want my birthday cards and fishing trips
Child support and homework tips
Don't mean to whimper or whine

The guy didn't need to be "Dad of the Year"
But it's clear he could've shown us a sign

So... so, who is he?

CHIRON (spoken)
It could be... that is to say, the prophecies suggest...
But, that's impossible! See you at dinner, Percy!

LUKE (spoken)
Tough first day? I'm Luke.

PERCY (spoken)
All this time, I thought my dad was some dead-beat. Turns out-

LUKE (spoken)
He's a dead-beat god! I get how you feel. Look, the gods are busy.
They have a lot of kids, and they don't always care. If you're one of the lucky ones-

They'll send a sign if they want to claim you
A sign to admit you're their own

PERCY (spoken)
And, if they don't?

Then no one can blame you
For holding a grudge
So hey, you're not alone

I'm going to be your counselor. The Hermes cabin takes anyone who hasn't been claimed.
You know what that means? We're literally the reject cabin.
Welcome to the dysfunctional family.

When parents are distant
Or seem non-existent
Hang on, 'cause you're gonna be fine

I know it's a lot to be thinking about:
All of this awkward-ass darkness and doubt
If you need a friend to help figure it out-

Together, we'll search for your sign

The Lightning Thief Musical Their Sign lyrics

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Their Sign lyrics from The Lightning Thief Musical