Merrily We Roll Along - Gussie's Opening Number Lyrics

2012 New York City Center Encores!
Merrily We Roll Along the Musical - Gussie's Opening Number (Act Two Opening) Lyrics

He's only a boy,
Why do I think he loves me?
Maybe he loves what I can do for him,
Maybe he thinks that I'll come through for him,
Maybe— the moon is cheese!

And yet maybe,
Something real is happening here,
But baby,
You're a baby

And the man I'm married to needs me near.

Okay! The moon is cheeeeese!

And I love the guy I shouldn't,
And I don't, the one I should
Ah but love is blind,
And I go for the kind
That I finally find is no gooood

And while it's goin' along,
Ya, take for granted some love—
Will wear away

We took for granted a lot!
But still, I say,
It could have kept on growing!

Instead, of just kept on!
We had a good thing goin'


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