The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Puffer's Confession Lyrics

2012 Broadway revival
The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Puffer's Confession Lyrics

The song is written by Rupert Holmes.

Oh God, have mercy: your forgiveness do I need!
My string of sins ends here with this most dreadful deed!
I only meant to save my Rosa, but it’s true—
Oh, you bastard Jasper! Christ, I meant to murder you.

Could I see my Rosebud threatened
By this man of massive sin?
He’d revealed his vile desires
So I had to do him in!
To my endless ruination
I took smoke to see me through.
In my sweet hallucination,
I saw Drood – and thought him you!

So I say to all who hear me
You must plan a murder well.
You must view your victim clearly,
As you send him off to Hell!
When I killed, ‘twas well-intended,
Drink and smoke what did me in.
For my sins, I’m apprehended:
Them’s the wages of sin!

Come on.
Give your old love some help with the last line then, hey?

Puffer & Audience:
With the wages of sin!

Puffer (spoken):
Cor’ bloody hell!
Don’t you know they ‘ang women these days?
This is undoubtedly me last chorus!

Puffer & Audience
With the wages of sin!

[Thanks to Liza for lyrics]

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Puffer's Confession Lyrics The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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