Rosa's Confession Lyrics

Broadway Musical
The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Rosa's Confession Lyrics

Were you so blind? You could not see? I killed him, yes!
And it was wonderful to do, I do confess!
To have him done, to do him in, to see it through…
You surely know by now I meant to murder you!

Thought you I was so blind
As not to know your mind:
Of what intent each compliment you claimed you meant as kind.
To feel myself unrobed and probed
With every movement of your eyes—
Oh, but realize!
A child can go quite mad,
And not know good from bad
And calmly plan to kill a man, and feel but only glad.
To rid herself, to bid herself a murderous goodbye—
Not Edwin who
I sought, but you!
I meant for you to die!

But the night was far from bright,
Thick with wet and thunder.
Thatching fell, dispatched from hell,
Is it yet a wonder?
Could not see the arms of me
Stretched out with scarf in hand.
Saw your coat and tied Ned’s throat
Just like a deadly wedding band…

So long a time
They’ve thought
That I’m a Dresden doll,
Quite na?ve,
But I believe
This pain, my brain,
More tortured than they might conceive!
With these late additions,
I have now revealed
Murderous admissions
Hitherto concealed—
Damn you all, I say,
You let him drive me mad!
Madness led to this;
No good can come from bad!
No good, no good can come from bad!

[Thanks to Liza for lyrics]

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Rosa's Confession Lyrics The Mystery of Edwin Drood