The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Moonfall Lyrics

2012 Broadway revival
The Mystery of Edwin Drood - Moonfall Lyrics

The song is written by Rupert Holmes.

Between the very dead of night and day,
Upon a steely sheet of light, I'll lay
And in the moonfall,
I'll give myself to you.
I'll bathe in moonfall and dress
myself in dew.

Before the cloak of night reveals the morn,
Time holds its breath while it conceals the dawn
And in the moonfall, all sound is frozen still,
Yet warm against me, your skin will warm the chill of

Moonfall, I feel its fingers
Lingers the veil of nightshade...
Light made from stars that all too soon fall.
Moonfall that pours from you.
Betwixt our hearts, let nothing intervene.
Between our eyes, the only sight I've seen
Is lust'rous moonfall as it blinds my view,
So that soon I only see but you.

[Thanks to Liza for lyrics]

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Moonfall lyrics Mystery of Edwin Drood

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