Marry Me a Little - Little White House Lyrics

Off-Broadway Musical
Marry Me a Little - Little White House Lyrics

(cut from Follies the Musical)
(written by Stephen Sondheim Little White House)

Well have a little white house
With a little white fence
Made of pickets.
A house on a hill
If nature consents,
Well have crickets.
At the end of the day
Youll come home
To your favorite
Easy chair.
Your favorite pipe
And your favorite type
Of a girl
Are there.
Well have a little pink boy,
Then a little pink girl,
Then another:
A little snub nose
And a little spit curl
Like her mother.
Well stay home nights
With the nippers,
You with your pipe,
The dog
With your slippers,
In our ever bright
Little white house.

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